Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A great time to own a Nintendo DS

...especially if you are musically inclined.

Via Make:blog today, a Nintendo DS synth/sequencer, from Korg:

You may have read about it in our recent Made in Japan post - but now Korg's DS-10 Synthesizer/sequencer/drum machine is headed for an international release! From the DS10blog [via] -

For those of you out there wondering the release of DS-10 other than Japan, well, here's a good news. YES, we will release DS-10 worlwide and currently we're making an adjustment with each territory. So please be patient. Your support means a lot to us and we'll keep you all with the latest update of the international release as soon as possible.

Also, coming out this summer, Guitar Grip, for Guitar Hero on Tour! Linked from engadget:

As you can see [on the left], it is limited to just four buttons, but nevertheless, it allows users to hold the DS upright and tap the buttons of the peripheral -- which is suitably fitted into the GBA slot -- and strum the touchscreen to take care of the pickin'.
Check out the youtube video.

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