Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Fujitsu's color e-paper, closer to becoming reality

Eventually, we won't have to carry heavy books around, just a cell phone and e-paper. This 8-inch, 640 x 480 color display is about 0.03-inches thick.

"With potential to change the way businesses communicate information, Fujitsu's color e-paper, which is essentially a thin liquid crystal display, is getting closer to market."

"Power is necessary to change the image on the film--say, to turn a page. But the power requirement is so low that focused energy from a wireless device, like a cell phone, is enough to do the job. Consequently, one of the coolest applications for color e-paper now is as an enhancement to small mobile devices, according to Fujitsu special projects consultant Dave Marvit. Can't stand looking at Web sites on your handheld's itty bitty screen? Beam it from your phone to a piece of e-paper, like the 8-inch, 640x480 resolution reader Marvit showed off, and you can see the page without squinting. If 8 inches seems too small, the Fujitsu researchers are currently working on a 12-inch version. Eventually, the displays will grow to 2.5 meters, said Mike Beirne, a Fujitsu spokesman. "

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