Thursday, June 21, 2007

AR Facade: an interactive drama game?

Steven Dow, a Georgia Tech Ph.D. candidate, demonstrates the AR Facade. The game puts you in the middle of an uncomfortable argument using augmented reality technology.

Brought to you by Virginia Tech, this game uses a head mounted display, and a laptop worn on a backpack. puts you in the middle of an excruciatingly uncomfortable argument between Trip and Grace, a bickering thirty-something married couple.

Do you play moderator and decide to help broker a truce? Do you instigate them by complimenting Grace on her decorating style or pretending to be impressed with your pal Trip's place?

Or do you act as if everything's peachy while their arguing heats up? Whatever path is taken, this participatory soap opera at a Georgia Tech research lab is at times funny, awkward and intriguing. And it's always intense and emotionally draining.

Here's the youtube demo.

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