Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Wearable ads for the masses

From techcrunch:

Reactee has announced the launch of a line of interactive t-shirts that combine fashion, SMS and activism through “shirts that text back”.

Reactee allows users to create t-shirts that include a personalized message such “Stop Global Whaling” or “Andrew Keen is a Luddite” that is then complimented by a unique keyword such as SUSHI or MORON on the shirt. People who see the shirt can then respond to it by sending the keyword via SMS to 41411. In return senders receive a custom text message response created by the T-Shirt creator.

T-shirts have been a common advertising vehicle for years, so it makes sense that someone would eventually make it an interactive ad.

If your potential viewer:
1. Remembers enough of your ad to actually be able to SMS
2. Is curious enough to find out what you'll automatically SMS them back
then there's a chance it could actually catch on.

This sort of thing seems much easier as a moo card. Nothing to write down or remember. When you find it in your pocket, you might decide to SMS it and find out what it is...

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