Wednesday, July 11, 2007

RFIDs on your mobile phone to pay for stuff on campus

From TUV News:
Pennsylvania's Slippery Rock University is to unveil a 13.56-MHz RFID tag which can be attached to pupils' mobile phones and allow them to pay for services and goods at the institution, reports RFID Journal.
No need to carry money on campus, just your cell phone. And, you'll have to memorize another PIN number to complete any transactions.

More details from engadget:
"...which will "allow them to pay for everything from laundry and copier services to movies and groceries in the surrounding town of Slippery Rock...Of course, high rollers should be aware that their guardians can log in at any time and view their purchasing habits, so we'd be careful before pulling out the long face and car trouble story. The cards will reportedly cost around $1 apiece, but will be "available for free" to all of the SU students."
As long as they don't start using this to track high school students' attendance, it seems like a useful convenience.

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