Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Another nicotine delivery system, now with more kick!

From medGadget:
Its drug-delivery device works similarly to a medical inhaler. The device injects tiny droplets of medication - or nicotine - into the air passage as the user inhales through a tube. The droplets are then absorbed through the lungs and into the bloodstream...
About 30 people were tested using the device earlier this month, the company said. According to the tests, the device delivers a smaller amount of nicotine to the body than cigarettes, but provides a stronger "kick" than smoking.

I wonder how something that has more of a 'kick' than smoking a cigarette will ever get approved for the public marketplace. Doesn't this mean it has even more addictive potential, just without the 'harmful' effects of cigarettes (ie the carcinogens). People would still be getting the nicotine, and all the harmful long term effects of chronic nicotine exposure. This will test society's committment to the harm reduction model of chemical dependency.

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