Thursday, April 5, 2007

Calorie restriction, longevity, and other benefits

"Science Daily — Much research has shown that reduced calorie intake can increase health and longevity. Professor Stephen Spindler (University of California) and his collaborators have discovered that reducing calorie intake later in life can still induce many of the health and longevity benefits of life-long calorie reduction. Importantly, this also includes anti-cancer effects. "

They note with decreased caloric intake, the body does a better job of destroying cancerous and damaged cells, which keeps one healthier longer. They hypothesize that the body is using the damaged cells for energy, then replacing the cell once food is consumed.
"Previous research has show that mice can live up to 40% longer if they simply consume fewer calories, but a highly nutritious diet."

The hope is to figure out how this works, and someday create a pill to do this.

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