Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Coming soon? Baby formula to keep your child forever slim

Wow. This feels like the 'slim' culture is going too far. However, they justify this as a way of preventing diabetes, and other obesity related health complications.

"Science Daily — Infant formula and other baby foods that provide permanent protection from obesity and diabetes into adulthood could be on shop shelves soon, reports Lisa Melton in Chemistry & Industry, the magazine of the SCI. "
They plan to do this by adding leptin, a hunger hormone to foods.

"Those who take the foods early in life should remain permanently slim. 'Like those people who are lean by nature even though they overeat ? like we all do -- they will tend to be inefficient in terms of using energy,' says Mike Cawthorne, who heads the Metabolic Research group at Clore."
Apparently, it does not work as well in adults because adjust and cancel out leptin's affects. But,

"Providing leptin earlier enough effectively hard-wires the body's energy balance. In fact, whether one is fat or thin may be determined before birth. Feeding the hormone to pregnant rats has been found to have a lifelong impact on their offspring's predisposition to obesity. Animals born of leptin-treated mothers remain lean even when fed a fat-laden diet, while those from untreated dams gained weight and developed diabetes."
We all had better hope that there's no famine any time soon, or all these 'permanently slim' inefficient energy users may starve and die out.


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