Thursday, February 22, 2007

An HD camcorder for $500

More cool toys coming our way. No release date has been set yet, but $500 for a 720p camcorder and a7.1 megapixel camera is a great entry into HD, and means you don't have to keep carrying both camera and camcorder.

The biggest complaint by the critics is the amount of memory it gobbles up: 13 minutes of HD video on a 4GB card .

For those that care, here are more stats:
"Approx. 30 minutes of continuous movie recording at 640x480 resolution, 30 fps* Continuous audio-only recording PowerShot TX1 can be used as a sound recorder• Sound recordings up to 2 hours in continuous length are possible• At highest quality (44.100 kHz) setting, up to 1.5 hours audio fit onto 1GB SD card• “Component” output to HDTVs D-type terminal delivers 1080i signal for higher-quality movie and still reproduction on new hi-definition TVs"

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