Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Projector for you cell phone screen

Ooooh, more toys.

Now that cell phones are becoming the swiss army knife of pocket technology, this is a natural step in its evolution.

"...the Viewmaster-esque Neochroma prototype simply requires users to place their (preferably clamshell) mobile's screen atop the mirror-packed device, and then the internal magic does the rest....the finalized design should measure around 4- x 2- x 1.2-inches, utilize stereoscopic technology, and sport a viewing angle "roughly equal that of a 19-inch monitor at a 30-inch viewing distance."

Since Verizon and Samsung have banded together release a TV phone on March 1, I wonder when people will start projecting movies on their morning train commute, or in the back of the car for the kids, etc.

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