Thursday, February 15, 2007

One Laptop Per Child (OLPC)

Most socially conscious geeks are probably already well aware of this project, but I still think it's worth highlighting and following.

Background info: "The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project is aimed at ensuring children around the world don't miss out on learning how to use computers. The fear is that the high cost of computers is keeping too many people in developing countries from learning how the software, Internet and communications benefits of computing can improve their economies, job prospects and lives, a conundrum commonly referred to as the digital divide." The original goal was to make these for less than $100 each. They've currently got the unit cost down to $130, but expect to meet their target by 2008.

Quanta Computer has already confirmed orders for one million laptops for OLPC. They hope to ship 5 to 10 million units this year alone, because the governments of 7 countries have already committed to buy laptops for their schoolchildren (Argentina, Brazil, Libya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Thailand, and Uruguay). (Yahoo News).

For the latest news on OLPC:

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shift8 said...

i love this project - been folowing it for years, most of that time thinking it would end up vapor. a solid "woot!" to that not being the case. "A Young Ladies Illustrated Primer" :)

i wonder what ever happened to the "unniversal almanac" indian-based simputer project? guess the should have marketed to the UN.