Thursday, May 10, 2007

GPS enabled doggie collar

I wonder if it's waterproof?

"...Sweden's 700,000 dog owners can soon keep better track of their doggy with the help of their mobile phone and a GPS receiver that is attached to the dog's collar. If an SMS message is sent to the GPS unit, it replies by sending an SMS or MMS message with text or a map image indicating where the dog is located."
Turns the collar into an electronic leash. Here's how:

"The GSP receiver contains a SIM card which is registered with Petlink and can be located using GSP navigation over the mobile network. The dog owner searches for his dog by sending an ordinary SMS message from his mobile to the dog's GPS receiver. The receiver responds by sending information about the dog's location either as a map image or text message. A dog owner can also decide how far the dog may be allowed to run freely, and when the dog has exceeded the set limit, the dog owner will receive an alarm on his mobile phone. Five mobile numbers can be connected to the dog's GPS receiver."
No pricing info yet.

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