Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Twiki? Here comes RoboNanny

Pic: Two-legged walking humanoid Rogun poses with a child./ Courtesy of KornTech

They call him Rogun, but he reminds me of Twiki, from the old Buck Rogers TV series.

"``Rogun is capable of guarding homes around the clock _ the camera-eyed robot will give a warning to its owner via cell phone when strangers visit an empty house,'' KornTech CEO Lee Dong-hwan said.`

`In addition, the handset-directed humanoid can show what is happening with kids at home when their parents are away, as it is connected to the wireless Internet,'' Lee said.

Lee said Rogun will be able to play with children by showing video footage on a seven-inch liquid-crystal display monitor placed on its chest.`
`A computer is incorporated into Rogun, and so, its owner can access the Internet through the bi-pedal walker,'' Lee said. `

`People can also enjoy video calls on Rogun's monitor when the recipients or callers use third-generation handsets which are being introduced across the country,'' Lee said."

He's $100,000 and made to order.


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