Friday, May 18, 2007

Names and face shape

Melissa Lea, PhD, conducted some studies at the University of Ohio around names and shapes of faces. When people's names suit the person's facial shape, they are easier to remember.

They did three experiments, quoted below from here.

1. "150 students in an introductory psychology class to use a computer software program to sketch the facial features of imaginary men with one of the following 15 names: Bob, Bill, Mark, Joe, Tim, John, Josh, Rick, Brian, Tom, Matt, Dan, Jason, Andy, and Justin. Using the computer program, the students tweaked a standard set of male facial features to come up with a face that they thought suited their assigned name. The drawings didn't include eyeglasses or facial hair.
Another group of students approved the drawings, which suggests that people may associate certain facial features with certain names."

2. "...researchers asked 139 other students to match the drawings and names from the first experiment. The faces and names were printed separately and shuffled. Ten out of 15 times, the students matched the faces and names correctly."

3. "...researchers showed the names and faces to 67 students on a computer screen. In a series of quizzes, the students learned to link the names and faces. The students learned the faces and names more quickly when they suited each other. For instance, they learned "Bob" faster when he had a round face, not a thin face."

If wonder if our pets' names would yield the same results?

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